Luxury Hotel in Kaziranga Assam
Classical Folk Dance

Dance in India comprises numerous styles of dances, generally classified as classical,tribal or folk.As with other aspects of Indian culture, different forms of dances originated in different parts of India, developed according to the local traditions and also imbibed elements from other parts of the country. Folk dances are numerous in number and style and vary according to the local tradition of the respective state, ethnic or geographic regions.Dancing traditions of India have influence not only over the dances in the whole of South Asia, but on the dancing forms of South East Asia as well. Dances in Indian films are often noted for their idiosyncrasies, and hold a significant presence in culture of the Indian subcontinent.

Luxury Hotel in Kaziranga Assam
Elephant Safari At Kaziranga Park

Elephant Safari starts from very early morning and continues for one or 1/2 hours, Elephant safari is the best way to explore the wide varieties of wildlife in the Kaziranga National Park, area covered by the Elephant Grass can be best viewed trip through elephant's back, Elephant safari is best enjoyed in the early Morning, during safari one can get opportunity to see herds of Indian Elephants, One-horned Rhinoceros very short distance, a close encounter with the animals in Kaziranga National Park makes the trip memorable, Elephant safari covers Baguri, Hole Path, Mihimukh, Kohora Central Path and Arimarah.

Luxury Hotel in Kaziranga Assam
Orchid Park

The Kaziranga National Orchid park houses around 600 varieties of wild orchids which have been collected from across the North-Eastern region. Some are found exclusively in the local region and many of them have not yet received a name. The orchids are placed in a wild state so that the ambiance provided is as close to natural as possible. They have been placed in a greenhouse along with some hybrid varieties.

Luxury Hotel in Kaziranga Assam
Trekking Activities

Trekking in Kaziranga National Park is other main tourist activity, which draws a large number of travelers from all across the world. Visitors who are more interested in bird watching and sightseeing at their own footstep, trekking in Panbari Reserve and Kukurkata Reserve Forests are the best options. One can explore a beautiful panoramic view of floodplain ecosystem from the peak of Kukurakata Hills in Kaziranga forest. These Reserve Forests are very popular due to great Indian one-horned Rhinoceros and Asian Elephants.

Luxury Hotel in Kaziranga Assam
Jeep Jungle Safari

Our mission is to organize a meaningful jungle jeep safari for you without disturbing the environment. Our wide range of adventure aims to please all of our guests.One can enjoy the main attractions of Kaziranga by Jeep, which is usually accompanied by a guide or escort. Jeep Safari is a wonderful ride through which one can explore tigers, one horned rhinoceros, wild buffaloes, elephants, herd of deer, Pythons, and many other mammals & birds as well.

Luxury Hotel in Kaziranga Assam
Wedding Arrangements

Bon Villa offers those ever-so-important services related to weddings. In fact, we take pleasure in managing all aspects in a bid to make your special day an extraordinary one that will be forever remembered. Looking to plan a multi-day celebration with elaborate and regal touches? Do you want your wedding to take place at a destination of your choice but you have not idea how to go about it? Or, maybe you just need some help to pop the question in the most beautiful setting. We don’t offer set packages — that’s because we believe that no two weddings should ever be alike. What we do offer, instead, is a complimentary consultation session that lets you choose from our list of extensive wedding planning services. Based on your budget, taste, vision and requirements, we then come up with a wedding proposal that suits your needs and preferences.

Luxury Hotel in Kaziranga Assam
Birthday Party Arrangement

Birthdays are the most anticipated events that come every year to add to your bunch of memories. Whatever age you may step into, you will never fall short of attempts to make your birthday party a grand success.

From the first to the fiftieth and the other golden years of old age, birthdays can now unfurl the best memories in your life with our assisting hands of the best birthday planner in Assam- BonVilla Retreat. With our wide chain of connections and curated ideas we love to welcome the birthdays with the perfect art of appreciation.

Luxury Hotel in Kaziranga Assam
Kitty Party Events

Bon Villa specializes in arranging kitty parties and organizing get together events. These are popular ways in India and Pakistan for women to socialise within the context of an informal savings club. It is a kind of party usually organised by women and held in the afternoon on a monthly basis.It is usually held at a specified time each month, by a specific group of women. Every member of the group has to host a party at least once. The hosting member organises food and other logistics, and the party is usually a gossiping place for women.The party may include games, and may involve a theme of discussion on a topic with other members.

Luxury Hotel in Kaziranga Assam
Business Conferences And Events

We provide a event hall of capacity of 20-25 people. As experienced conference organisers, we create brand relevant, interactive and engaging experiences for User, Sales, Internal Communication, Training and Partner/Reseller conferences. We understand that holding a conference is a considerable investment for any business. We have a defined approach that guides you through the entire process, ensuring you obtain maximum advantage and achieve real value.

Luxury Hotel in Kaziranga Assam
Outdoor Activities For Children

Playing outdoors promotes well-being and physical development. Kids are naturally drawn to playing outside and there are numerous benefits of outdoor play: it allows them to explore their environment, develop muscle strength and coordination, and gain self-confidence. Playing actively outdoors also increases flexibility, fine and gross motor skills, and is related to the development of a wide variety of physical skills, including those involved in sports. Children have a great need for physical exercise and activity and a chance to use their muscles to run, swing, jump, skate and ride a bike, and to be out in the fresh air and sunshine. 

Some Outdoor Services At Bonvilla 

  • Badminton
  • Volleyball
  • Jumping ball
  • Cycling
  • Garden Slider
  • Swings
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    Indoor Activities And Recreational Games

    Indoor games and sports are a variety of structured forms of play or competitive physical activity, typically carried out either in the home or in specially constructed indoor facilities.

    Indoor Recreational Activities And Games At BonVilla

  •       Small Slider
  •       Chess board
  •       Ludo board
  •       Hopper ball
  •       Carrom Board
  •       Kidzpro Doodle Car Ride 
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